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Brochures and Articles for You to Use
Many communities have newsletters and websites that would welcome informational or educational articles or brochures. The PWEA Public Education Committee has been gathering newsworthy articles that can be downloaded, edited and easily adapted for use within your community and is pleased to offer this communication tool. The Committee is also working to develop brochures that can be printed and used as bill stuffers or posted to your organization's website. Read more...
Published: 07/09/15

Associate Degree in Water & Environmental Technology
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, now offers an Associate Degree in Water & Environmental Technology, the first program of its kind to receive accreditation by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The College's new two-year program was developed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become certified water or wastewater treatment plant operators. Kathleen Surra, who holds a Master of Engineering degree, has been assisting the College in developing this program. “Water management is one of the top ten jobs Americans can’t live without,” stated Surra. “When you think about how necessary water is, not only for survival but for everyday use as well, it is clear how in need we are to have trained, professional technicians providing us clean water sources. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, more than 85% of certified operators are currently over the age of 42, so it is imperative that we begin training young professionals for work in this field.” The first class will graduate in May 2016. Enrollment for the Class of 2017 is underway. While enrolled in the program, students learn not only the theory behind the treatment of water and wastewater, but also receive hands-on training in equipment maintenance, GIS, safety, and rules and regulations governing treatment facilities. Read more...

Published: 07/09/15

Does Your Facility Offer Educational Tours to Schools or Residents?
The Public Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association has developed a survey to assist in identifying water and wastewater facilities which offer tours to schools and residents. Read more...
Published: 07/06/15