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FREE ASSISTANCE from EPA with mapping and asset management.
EPA’s GPS Loaner Program allows you to borrow a handheld GPS for FREE for your project.
Published: 09/29/16

Looking for FREE Money?
Well your energy company is part of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program which incentivizes energy saving projects with, what better than MONEY! Chances are you'll be doing some sort of work around the plant or collection system that would save energy (i.e. new lighting, HVAC, controls upgrade, pump/blower rehab or replacement, etc.).

Use the following URL for the list of contacts you'll need to start the application:

To make things easier, contact Walter Higgins, with EPA Region 3 in Philadelphia at 215-814-5476 or and he'll help facilitate the process.

Published: 09/23/16

Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Finance Program
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Published: 09/23/16