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Spotlight on Non-flushable Wipes
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Spotlight on Non-Flushable Wipes

The PWEA Collection System Committee has been focusing on the issue of disposable wipes – that they are marketed and labeled as flushable, how damaging they are to wastewater facilities, and how we can help municipalities get the message out to their customers that they should not be flushed.  The International water industry position statement on non-flushable and ‘flushable’ labeled products, which has been adopted by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and PWEA, can be found at

While bill stuffers with disgusting pictures of wipes pulled from pumps and pipes and articles describing the troubles others have faced and how much money they have spent correcting the problems are excellent tools for reaching adults, the committee acknowledges that a broader public outreach and education program is needed to better address this issue, especially reaching out to school age children.  This approach has been proven successful in the past with other initiatives such as the recycling program in the 80’s. 
While the Committee is still working on our own outreach program, we felt that sharing the information that others have already created is important.  Therefore, we have assembled a list of websites that contain example bill stuffers, articles on the damage caused by non-dispersibles entering the sewer system and fun videos.  This information can be found on PWEA’s website at
While we would like everyone to head to the website and review all of the links, our favorite videos are as follows:

Published: 04/29/19