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2022 Amendments to PWEA Bylaws and Constitution
In accordance with the PWEA’s Constitution and Bylaws (“C&B”), notice is hereby given that the PWEA membership will vote on amendments to the C&B at the Annual Business Meeting at the PennTec Annual Conference at State College, PA on June 5-8, 2022. The proposed amendments will: (1) simplify and streamline the current C&B, similar to the recent WEF Bylaw revisions, by shifting operational and procedural details from the C&B to the PWEA Policies and Procedures Handbook (“Handbook”), and (2) bring the C&B into compliance with WEF’s current guidelines and requirements for Member Association bylaws. The detailed text deletions and revisions of the proposed amendments to the C&B will be posted on the PWEA’s website for review at least thirty (30) days prior to the PennTec Annual Conference.

The major proposed amendments to the C&B are highlighted below: 
  1. Section 3.0 – Mission Statement will be renamed Purpose and be updated to reflect the current Mission Statement.
  2. Section 4.0 – Objectives will be deleted.
  3. Section 7.0 – Membership will be deleted.
  4. Section 8.0 – Membership: Details regarding membership categories, qualifications, rights and privileges will be moved to the Handbook. 
  5. Section 9.0 – Dues: Details regarding dues billing procedures and arrears will be moved to the Handbook.
  6. Section 10.0 – Board of Directors: Deletion of DEP Advisory Board Member, revisions to clarify duties of Board, and addition of Removal of Board member language per WEF guidelines.
  7. Section 11.0 – Officers: Nominations language, qualifications and time lines will be revised.
  8. Section 13.0 – Membership Meetings: Language will be added to allow virtual meetings in the event of unusual circumstances, e.g., COVID.
  9. Section 14.0 – Committees: The committees cited in the C&B will be limited to “governing” committees only.All other committee language will be moved to the Handbook.
  10. Section 15.0 - Publications will be deleted and moved to the Handbook.
  11. Section 16.0 – Fiscal Year will be deleted and moved to the Handbook.
  12. Section 17.0 – Non-Liability of Staff and Officers will be deleted and the language will be revised and incorporated into Section 19.0 Indemnification.
  13. Section 18.0 – Conflicts of Interest will be deleted and moved to the Handbook.
  14. Section 19.0 – Indemnification: Language will be replaced with a general indemnification and the detailed indemnification language and procedures will be moved to the Handbook.
  15. Section 20.0 – Insurance for Association Agents will be deleted.
  16. Section 23.0 – Miscellaneous section will be deleted and moved to Handbook. 

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Published: 01/05/22